This bibliography aims at making accessible all the existing literature on Northern Malawi.


While all branches of scholarship are equally welcome, the first emphasis is on Religion, history and related fields, because Klaus Fiedler is a professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Mzuzu University with a special interest in Church History and Mission History.


While Mzuzu is a national universtiy, we felt that we can not manage to cover the whole country and decided to start with the Northern Religion where Mzuzu University is physically located, but there will be links to bibliographies for other regions.

A Beginning

Religion in Malawi: An Annoutated Bibliography This Bibliography is a beginning and far from complete. It's starting point (in Nov 2009) was the bibliography produced by the Kachere Research Institute of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies of the University of Malawi: J.C. Chakanza and Kenneth R. Ross, Religion in Malawi. A Bibliography, Blantyre: CLAIM-Kachere, 1998, (ISBN 999908-16-13-1). Since then we have started to add information from other sources. Ricarda Marchel produced this website and is in charge until July 2010.


This Bibliography caters for
  • all published material (books, articles, etc.)
  • grey literature
  • unpublished dissertations, research papers and documents (there will be given special attention)
It does not include primary sources like archives.


If your paper, thesis, article or book is not (yet) in this Bibliography, please send the bibliographical details to Ricarda Marchel (ricarda(at)mzuni.ac.mw). The same applies if you know of anything others have written on Northern Malawi.

Referencing Style

While there are many different and equally acceptable styles for referencing, this collection uses Kachere Style which was developed by the Department of TRS at the University of Malawi and by its publications arm, the Kachere Series.


The owners of this Bibliography accept no responsibility for the correctness of the information presented.

Klaus Fiedler